Starting Yorc

Starting Consul

Yorc requires a running Consul instance prior to be started.

Here is how to start a standalone Consul server instance on the same host than Yorc:

consul agent -server -bootstrap-expect 1 -data-dir ./consul-data


Wait for the agent: Synced service 'consul' log message to appear before continuing

Starting Yorc

Please report to the Yorc Server Configuration for an exhaustive list of Yorc’ configuration options. At least OpenStack access configuration files should be provided either by command-line flags, environment variables or configuration elements. They are omitted bellow for brevity and considered as provided by a configuration file in one of the default location.

Note that if you are using a passphrase on your ssh key, you have to start an ssh-agent before launching yorc. It is strongly recommended to start one by giving him a socket name.

eval `ssh-agent -a /tmp/ssh-sock`

So in case of your ssh-agent process die, just restart it with the command above.

If your ssh key does not have a passphrase, do not start any ssh-agent before starting yorc and make sure that environement variable SSH_AUTH_SOCK is not set.

killall ssh-agent

Then start yorc

yorc server