Premium features

The following features are only available with Yorc premium. Please, contact us for more information on Premium offer.

Providing scripts outputs live in Yorc logs

The open source version of Yorc now provides ansible playbooks logs for each task once the task is finished. Scripts outputs are still provided in Yorc logs at the end of the script execution. The premium version of Yorc will provide scripts stdout and stderr live in Yorc logs, so that scripts having a long execution time can be monitored from Yorc through their output.

Deployment update

It’s possible to update a deployed topology by making the following actions in the topology.

Add/remove/update workflows

This feature allows to add new workflows, remove or modify existing ones that can be run as custom workflowq or during the application lifecycle workflows (install/start/stop/uninstall).

Add/remove/update monitoring policies

HTTP and TCP monitoring policies can be applied on an application in order to monitor Software components or Compute instances liveness. See for more information.

With the Premium version, you can add new monitoring policies on a deployed application if you miss it when you deploy the app. You can also modify or remove existing monitoring policies on a deployed application if your needs changed. By instance, you can increase or decrease the monitoring time interval.

Update TOSCA types

This feature allows to update imported Tosca types either in the same version or in a new version in order to support new attributes, properties or even operations. By instance, mixed with a new custom workflow, this allows to execute new operations.

Add/remove nodes

This feature allows to add new node templates in a deployed topology or to remove existing ones. In the first implementation, it’s not possible to mix adds and removes in the same update, you need to do it in different updates.